Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mysore Pak Recipe

Mysore pak - I just love it anytime and had never belived that I could make this at home. The moment I saw Sharmis it. I wanted to try it as her stepwise was so clear and I felt confident about making it.. My daughter loves Sri Krishna Sweets mysore pak and thats the main reason I wanted to try it.. Yes she loved it and asked for more....

This version is very soft not extractly same as sks as the ghee doesnot oozes out, But tastes very close to it...The first time i tried, everything came out perfect that i found a slightest raw smell of basen, so when Itried it the next time for posting I followed an extra step of roasting and then sieveing it... It is superb in both texture and tastewise...Sure this is going to be my keeper.

This version of mysorepak is very easy to make even for a beginner. Trust me. If i had it right the very first time am sure every one can get it right...So get ahead to make this easy mysore recipe.... Hope you must give it a try and comments about the sweet....

Preparation time : 10 mins
Cooking time : 20 mins
Makes : 12 small pieces
Recipe category : Sweet..
Recipe cuisine : South indian...


Besan - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 cup (add little by little while stirring)
Water - 1/2 cup


  • Spoon some ghee in a plate and greased it well. Set aside..
  • Heat a pan with a spoon of ghee and add in besan flour and roasted till nice aroma comes say for 5 - 6 mins..
  • Then sieve it once such no lumbs are found..
  • Now in a bowl add in water and roasted besan and mix it into a batter. Set aside..
  • Now in a nonstick pan add sugar and water in a medium flame, Bring it to boil and check for one string consistency...
  • Now add the besan mixture to the sugar syrup.
  • (If you take the sugar syrup between the thumb, single string will be formed that is correct consistency)
  • Now add the ghee in intervals to avoid drying and mix well keep stirring continuosly..
  • Keep the flame in low and keep mixing, add little ghee (while scrapping with ladle).
  • At the stage, it will come as a ball without sticking at all. 
  • Now switch off the flame and pour it into the ghee greased plate..
  • Dont need to be flattened it will spread beautifully by itself...
  • Slice and serve....


 Greased the plate with ghee..
 Take your ingredients
 Heat a pan with a spoon of ghee
 Add besan 
 Roasted well
 Keep roasting till nice aroma comes from it
 Sieve it 
 Take flour in a bowl 
 Add in some water and mix well 
 To form batter consistency
 Heat a non-stick pan with sugar
 Allow to melts in medium flame
 Then stir well till sugar melts
Now it's done

Check for one string consistency
Now add in besan mixture
Mix well
Keep stirring
Continuously stirring
Add ghee little by little
Mix well
Keep stirring continuously
Add ghee in intervals to avoid drying and sticking
Mix well
Now it's almost done
Mixture will not be sticky anymore
Suddenly pour the mixture in a ghee greased plate
It set by itself
Cut it squares or diamons as per your wish

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